Five of the Most Unique Hotels in the World

1. Ice Hotel – Sweden

The first hotel, a unique concert that consists of having a hotel completely made of ice! The hotel is constantly changing, as it is rebuilt every year, so it is not the same place to visit twice.

It is located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. You can choose between different types of accommodation: traditional ice rooms where everything is made of ice and where the temperature is around -5 ° C.

Then there are the warmest wooden cabins that have more traditional furniture and also have interior heating.

Rooms from £ 88

2. Strawberry Fields – Jamaica

Strawberry Field is a luxury resort located in the hills overlooking Kingston. You will enjoy excellent five star accommodation. One of the most unique aspects of this hotel is the spectacular view from the balcony of the room, which allows you to wake up in the clouds 3 km away.

The packages available are all inclusive and you can enjoy excellent cuisine with excellent dining options.

Rooms from £ 200

3. Iverlochy Castle – Scotland

Spend time in Scotland in one of the best hotels in Europe, a traditional Scottish castle in the Highlands. This award-winning hotel offers you the opportunity to live a few days in a castle.

There are 17 rooms in total and all have luxury facilities and offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains and extensive grounds.

Rooms from £ 390

4. Jules Undersea Lodge – United States

Spend a night sleeping with the fish in this underwater hotel, where you can enjoy a truly unique experience. There are only two rooms available and you can dine and, of course, a unique view of the passing fish.

Even getting to the hotel is an experience, since you have to dive 21 feet under the sea as you suddenly face an underwater habitat.

Rooms from £ 188

5. The Burj Al Arab – Dubai

At the moment, this hotel is the largest hotel in the world. It is currently classified at 330 meters and designed by British architect Tom Wright. It is housed on its island, which was created artificially and is shaped like a sailboat.

It is also one of the most luxurious hotels in the world with a 180-meter atrium and stands as a 7-star hotel. You will find the highest level of luxury and a truly unique experience.

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