The Top 3 Pet-Friendly Hotel Chains In The USA

There is a growing trend in pet-friendly hotels and they are appearing throughout the United States. However, there are 3 hotel chains that go beyond pet acceptance. They greet them with their legs open and have imagined several creative ways to make you feel incredibly spoiled.

# 1: Kimpton Hotels

Kimpton hotels have no weight restrictions, no pet restrictions or pet restrictions. They do not even charge additional fees. They are really the most welcoming and welcoming chain that accepts animals. If you do not have your own pet, they will gladly provide you with a goldfish to accompany you for the duration of your stay.

The main hotels in Kimpton have a canine director of pet relations that will welcome your pet upon arrival. They will also provide you with food bowls, water bowls and pet beds. Additional packages, such as pet massages, gourmet treats, chew toys, cat scratching sticks and pet services, such as sitting and walking with a dog, are available. dog. Pets can also attend for free wine time.

# 2: Indigo Hotels

Many Indigo hotels call you before your arrival to find out if they can improve your stay beyond your expectations. Upon arrival you will receive a basket for dogs. The Hotel Indigo, in downtown Asheville, even offers dog treats with your pet’s name.

They will also provide bowls, beds, toys and complimentary toiletries. My favorite program of their pet programs is their canine cocktails, known as Yappy Hour. The guests, their four-legged friends and the locals mingle with a cocktail. Some of the money raised goes to the local animal shelter.

Indigo hotels have weight restrictions that vary from one hotel to another, and also charge a single rate, which ranges between $ 40 and $ 75.

# 3: Loews Hotels

Upon arrival, you will receive a welcome package that includes treats, a golden pet tag, bowls, backpacks and coupons for pet-friendly establishments. In your room you will find amenities such as beds, litter boxes, scrapers, raw leather bones and even pet DVDs. They also offer pet services, such as childcare and pet walks.

Loews hotels strive to wait for you on their feet and offer pet-friendly room service menus from their award-winning chef. If your pet is adventurous, you can go to the Loews Hotel in San Diego, where he organizes dog surf competitions. If your dog prefers to spend the spoiled day, visit the Loews hotels in St Pete Beach, where they offer a professional therapeutic service.

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